Leptophyes laticauda (Frivaldszky,1867)

Leptophyes laticauda: Male (Ticino) [N] Leptophyes laticauda: Male (Ticino) [N] Leptophyes laticauda: Female (Ticino) [N] Leptophyes laticauda: Female (Ticino) [N] Leptophyes laticauda: Female (Ticino, 2008) [N] Leptophyes laticauda: Habitat in the Ticino (late August 2008), where more than 20 Saltatoria species occur, e.g. Omocestus ventralis, Pholidoptera fallax, P. aptera, Antaxius pedestris and Ephippiger persicarius. Moreover the butterflies Minois dryas and Heteropterus morpheus. [N]

Plants like leaves of many deciduous woods (especially young growth or blackberries).

Leptophyes laticauda inhabits hedges with herbaceous edges, bushy pastures and Pteridium aquilinum stocks as well as forest edges and clearings.

Life cycle:
The adults appear from July to October and are often found on young shrubs.

Endangerment factors:
Leptophyes laticauda is locally in decline through dense human settlements and agricultural intensification. But because Leptophyes laticauda can cope with a variety of habitats, it is not yet seriously threatened.

Leptophyes laticauda occurs from Provence across the Southern Alps (e.g. quite common in Ticino) to Southeastern Europe (the Balkans).

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