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Here you can find additionally some Orthoptera species (Ensifera, Caelifera, Mantodea). These groups show distinct ecological niches and can be used as bioindicators for nature conversation purposes.

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Male (SW-Bulgaria, Southwesternmost foot of Pirin, early August 2017)  
Male (Sierra de Albarracin, Teruel, Central Spain, late July 2017)  
Male (Croatia, Biokovo National Park, 1200m asl, mid-October 2015)  
Adult (Alpilles, late September 2014)  
Male (NE-Greece, Lesbos, Vasilika, May 2019)  
Male (Fuerteventura, Vega de Rio Palmas, February 2011)  
Male (Spain, Sierra de Gredos, above Serranillos, 2000m, mid-October 2021)  
Male (Greece, Samos Island, Klima, late June 2016)  
Male (Cyprus, Pera Pedi, early November 2016)  
Adult (N-Greece, Olympus)  
Female (Rhodes, Attaviros, September 2013)  
Male (SE-France, Alpes-Maritimes, Refuge de la Madone de Fenestre, September 2018)  
Male (Italia, Abruzzes, Monti della Laga, Monte Mezzo di Campotosto, 1800m, late September 2016)  
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