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Here you can find additionally some Orthoptera species (Ensifera, Caelifera, Mantodea). These groups show distinct ecological niches and can be used as bioindicators for nature conversation purposes.

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Male (SE-France, Alpes-Maritimes, Refuge de la Madone de Fenestre, September 2018)  
Podisma emiliae
Male (northern Italy, Emilia Romana, Corno alle Scale, early October 2023)  
Male (Italia, Abruzzes, Monti della Laga, Monte Mezzo di Campotosto, 1800m, late September 2016)  
Podisma ruffoi
Male (Italy, Rieti, Monte Terminillo, late September 2023)  
Male (Italy, Monti Sibillini, Monte Sibilla, late September 2023)  
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