Welcome to pyrgus.de!

My Website deals with the ecology of European lepidoptera in a short and concise way.

The core area of the site are the species pages with photos of the life cycles and habitats. At the moment there are 1688 species of Lepidoptera available from 27 families. Besides you can find 489 species of Orthoptera. The total number of images is 59495.

My Website is addressed to entomologists as well as to hobbyists or interested laypersons. It is not aimed to be an determination site because for the correct determination of species you will need approprate literature and experience.

The main target is to give an overview of the interesting details in the ecology of the species and to boost the pleasure about the loveliness of the endangered nature. I would be very pleased if I was able to contribute a litte bit to the knowledge, interest and conservation of these in Europe often threatened insects.

Because I'm not a native speaker and my shool time is long ago, I apologize for the sometimes surely bumpy translation into English. I hope you enjoy the site anyway.

Chersotis multangula: Adult (e.l. Valais, Switzerland, 2009) [S]
Chersotis multangula: Adult (e.l. Valais, Switzerland, 2009) [S]