Scolitantides vicrama (Moore, 1865)

Scolitantides vicrama: Male (Northern Greece, Askio mountains, May 2011) [N] Scolitantides vicrama: Female (Northern Greece, July 2010) [N] Scolitantides vicrama: Female (Northern Greece) [N] Scolitantides vicrama: Female (N-Greece, Askio mountains near Siatista) [N] Scolitantides vicrama: Female (N-Greece) [N] Scolitantides vicrama: Lower side (Northern Greece, July 2010) [N] Scolitantides vicrama: Habitat in Northern Greece [N]

Host plants:
Thymus and probably some other Lamiaceae.

Scolitantides vicrama inhabits nutrient-poor grasslands, sandy areas, rocky slopes, open scrub and similar places.

Life cycle:
The caterpillar overwinters. The adults fly mostly in two generations from April to June and again in July and August. Oviposition takes place especialy on flower buds.

Scolitantides vicrama is distributed from eastern and Southeastern Europe to China. In Europe it is still found especially common in the Balkan Peninsula.

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