Polyommatus ripartii (Freyer, 1830)

Polyommatus ripartii: Male (Northern Greece, Askio mountains, ssp. pelopi) [N] Polyommatus ripartii: Female (Askio mountains, Northern Greece, July 2010) [N] Polyommatus ripartii: Male (e.l. Askio mountains 2010) [S] Polyommatus ripartii: Adult (Askion, July 2010) [N] Polyommatus ripartii: Adult (Spanish west Pyrenees, Jaca, July 2010) [N] Polyommatus ripartii: Adult (Spanish west Pyrenees, Jaca, early July 2010). The white stripe on the lower side is more distinct than in Greek populations. [N] Polyommatus ripartii: Half-grown larva (Askio mountains near Siatista, N-Greece, late May 2010) [N] Polyommatus ripartii: Larva (Askion) [S] Polyommatus ripartii: Larva (Askion) [S] Polyommatus ripartii: Habitat in Northern Greece (Askio mountains near Siatista), where also Polyommatus admetus occurs (May 2010). [N]

Host plants:
Onobrychis species (sainfoin)

Polyommatus ripartii inhabits grasslands, steppe slopes, clear dry scrub and similar sites with Onobrychis.

Life cycle:
The caterpillar can be found from April to June. I found mostly half-grown caterpillars in Northern Greece Askio mountains in late May. The butterflies occur from late June to mid-August.

Endangerment factors:
Polyommatus ripartii is locally threatened by the usual factors (habitat loss due to human activities, as well as succession and reforestation after abandonment of extensive grazing).

Polyommatus ripartii is distributed very disjoint: Northern Spain, Southwestern Alps (Provence, maritime Alps), southern Poland, southern Balkans, Turkey, from the southern Urals to the Altai Mountains.

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