Zygaena punctum Ochsenheimer, 1808

Zygaena punctum: Adult (e.l. Samos) [S] Zygaena punctum: Adult (Falakron, Northern Greece) [N] Zygaena punctum: Adult (Falakron, Northern Greece, 1600m asl, July 2009) [N] Zygaena punctum: Adult (Askio mountains, Northern Greece, May 2010) [N] Zygaena punctum: Adult (Askion, Northern Greece, May 2010) [N] Zygaena punctum: Adult (e.l. Samos) [S] Zygaena punctum: Larva (Samos, early May 2009) [M] Zygaena punctum: Larva, Northern Greece, Askion, May 2010 [N] Zygaena punctum: Larva (Askion, May 2010) [N] Zygaena punctum: Larval habitat in Samos: Eryngium campestre in a very extensively managed olive grove (May 2009) [N] Zygaena punctum: Habitat in Samos [N]

Host plants:
The caterpillars feed on Eryngium sp. (mostly Eryngium campestre).

Zygaena punctum inhabits mostly grasslands or garrigues, which are interspersed with trees and shrubs or dry clearings or extensive cultural land (olive groves, etc.). It occurs from sea level up to about 1600m asl (e.g. on Mount Phalakron in Northern Greece, district Drama).

Life cycle:
The caterpillars overwinter and become mature in May. The moths fly from May to July. I found caterpillars in Samos and near Mount Olympus in Northern Greece in early May (0-500m asl).

Endangerment factors:
Zygaena punctum is particularly vulnerable in the northwest part of its distribution, especially by agricultural intensifying or overbuilding of the habitats. But overall, Zygaena punctum has a relatively large ecological valence.

Zygaena punctum is an expansive Ponto-Mediterranean species with populations around the Black Sea and extends into Europe from Greece to eastern Austria. In addition, it is also found in central and Southern Italy.

Hints on determination:
Zygaena punctum is similar to the closely related southwest European Zygaena sarpedon, but separated spatially.

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