Zygaena lavandulae (Esper, 1783)

Zygaena lavandulae: Adult (Provence, Ste. Baume, June 2009) [N] Zygaena lavandulae: Adult [N] Zygaena lavandulae: Adult [M] Zygaena lavandulae: Ovae [S] Zygaena lavandulae: Ovae [S] Zygaena lavandulae: Larva [S] Zygaena lavandulae: Larva [S] Zygaena lavandulae: Fully-grown larva [S] Zygaena lavandulae: Fully-grown larva, lateral [S] Zygaena lavandulae: Larva, pinkish prolegs visible [S] Zygaena lavandulae: Habitat in the Provence, France, where Z. rhadamanthus is very common, too [N]

Host plants:
The larva primarily feeds on Dorycnium pentaphyllum.

Zygaena lavandulae inhabits light, dry woods, grove rich grasslands, roadsides through forests, rocky places and similar places.

Life cycle:
The adults appear in a single generation from April to June, in the south of France mostly in May. The caterpillar seems to develop until April without real dormancy, similar to Zygaena rhadamanthus.

Endangerment factors:
Zygaena lavandulae is potentially endangered through intensive use of habitats (expansion of agriculture into formerly fallow land).

The moths show a strong, often darting flight that departs from the often simultaneously encountered Zygaena rhadamanthus significantly.

Zygaena lavandulae is distributed from Northwest Africa across eastern Spain and Southern France to Liguria.

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