Antaxius pedestris (Fabricius, 1787)

Antaxius pedestris: Male (Ticino) [N] Antaxius pedestris: Male [N] Antaxius pedestris: Female [N] Antaxius pedestris: Female [N] Antaxius pedestris: Habitat in the Ticino [N]

Parts of plants and especially insects like other small locusts.

Antaxius pedestris inhabits warm habitats which are interspersed with higher growing vegetation and bushes, such as fallow land, blackberry thickets, stony forest edges and clearings, bolder fields, rocky slopes, quarries and hedges.

Life cycle:
Adults occur from July until late October. The eggs are laid in the ground.

Antaxius pedestris occurs in Central Europe especially in the southern and in placesa also in the central Alpine valleys, so in the Valais, Ticino, in the Rhine Valley near Chur or near Landeck in Tyrol.

The total distribution ranges from the Pyrenees across Southern France to the more western Alps (to Tyrol).

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