Poecilimon affinis (Frivaldszky, 1867)

Poecilimon affinis: Male (N-Greece, Vitsi, late June 2013) [N] Poecilimon affinis: Male (Northern Greece, Vitsi, late June 2013) [N] Poecilimon affinis: Male (Vitsi, N-Greece, July 2010) [N] Poecilimon affinis: Female (Vitsi, N-Greece, late June 2013) [N] Poecilimon affinis: Female (N-Greece, Vitsi, late June 2013) [N] Poecilimon affinis: Female larva (Vitsi, late June 2013) [N] Poecilimon affinis: High abundance on grasses (Brachypodium, Vitsi, late June 2013) [N] Poecilimon affinis: Habitat on Mount Vitsi (N-Greece, late June 2013) [N]

Plants, especially herbs, but also leaves of bushes and even grasses (own observations in N-Greece on mount Vitsi).

Poecilimon affinis inhabits herb-rich mountain meadows and pastures, forb edges along woodlands and similar places.

Life cycle:
The adults appear in early summer, in high altitudes not untli mid summer. The large animals rest mostly on herbs and small bushes.

Endangerment factors:
Die Art gehört zur P. ornatus-Gruppe und ist auf der Balkan-Halbinsel recht verbreitet (von Südkroatien und Rumänien bis Mittelgriechenland).


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