Poecilimon zimmeri Ramme, 1933

Poecilimon zimmeri: Male (Tymfi, Vradeto, 1500m asl, N-Greece, late June 2013) [N] Poecilimon zimmeri: Male (Tymfi, Vradeto, 1500m NN, N-Greece, late June 2013) [N] Poecilimon zimmeri:  [N]

Poecilimon zimmeri inhabits mountain slopes that are interspersed with herbs and dwarf shrub. On Tymfi I observed a feww individuals together with numerous P. jonicus.

Poecilimon zimmeri occurs in northern and Central Greece: west side of Pindos range from Mount Tymfi in the north southward to the mountains south of Karpenisi and to the northern half of the Peloponessos.

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