Omocestus rufipes (Zetterstedt, 1821)

Omocestus rufipes: Male (Ticino) [N] Omocestus rufipes: Male [M] Omocestus rufipes: Female, brown [M] Omocestus rufipes: Female, greenish [M] Omocestus rufipes: Female [N]


Omocestus rufipes inhabits drier places in heath bogs with open soils (former zones of peat removal, paths, etc.), dry fallen fens, limestone grasslands with higher growing parts and open spots in a mosaic, old quarries and sometimes woodland clearings.

Life cycle:
Adults appear from June to October. The eggs overwinter on/in the ground.

Endangerment: endangered

Endangerment factors:
The only locally distributed species is sensitive to habitat changes, such as felting after abandonment, but also excessive grazing.

Omocestus rufipes occurs in Central and Southern Europe and across temperate Asia to Sibiria. In Europe it reaches southern England and Southern Scandinavia.

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