Bupalus piniaria (Linnaeus, 1758)

Bupalus piniaria: Female (NE-Germany, Mueritz, late May 2013) [N] Bupalus piniaria: Eggs (E.o. NE-Germany, Mueritz, 2013) [S] Bupalus piniaria: Young larva (e.o. Mueritz 2013) [S] Bupalus piniaria: Habitat in a pine-rich, sandy forest (Mueritz, NE-Germany, late May 2013) [N]

Host plants:
The larvae feed on pine needles (Pinus).

Bupalus piniaria inhabits pine-rich places of all kinds.

Life cycle:
The moths occur in one long generation between April and early August with peak in June. The larvae feed until autumn. They seem to pupate mostly only in late winter and spring.

Bupalus piniaria occurs from Morocco across Europe to Sibiria.