Casilda antophilaria (Hübner, 1813)

Casilda antophilaria: Adult (Samos eastern part, early May 2009) [N] Casilda antophilaria: Habitat in Samos (May 2009): coast-near marsh land [N]

Host plants:
Limonium sp. (Plumbaginaceae).

Casilda antophilaria inhabits mostly sandy coastal areas, salt marshes and other halophilic plant communities, sometimes even far inland.

Life cycle:
The moths fly from April to September in two to three generations.

Endangerment factors:
Casilda antophilaria is endangered by agriculture, tourism and overbuilding of coastal areas.

The distribution is limited in Europe to coastal parts of the Balkan Peninsula, the Greek islands, few places in the south of Italy and the northern shores of the Black Sea. Casilda antophilaria flies also in Turkey, the Caucasus and across the Caspian Sea to Central Asia.

Casilda consecraria