Calliclystis rectangulata (Linnaeus, 1758)

Calliclystis rectangulata: Adult (e.l. Valais, larva on Prunus, 2009) [S] Calliclystis rectangulata: Mature larva (northern Upper Rhine Valley, late April 2009) [M] Calliclystis rectangulata: At this Pyrus tree I found a mature larva short after the end of blossom (late April 2009) [N]

Host plants:
The larvae feed in the flowers of early woody Rosaceae, especially Malus, Prunus, Amelanchier and Pyrus.

Calliclystis rectangulata inhabits occurrences of the host plants from scrub to single apple trees in gardens.

Life cycle:
The egg hibernates. Larvae are found in April and May. Moths are on the wing between mid-May and late July.

Calliclystis rectangulata is widespread in Europe and temperate Asia to Japan.

Calliclystis debiliata