Perizoma verberata (Scopoli, 1763)

Perizoma verberata: Adult (Rätikon, west Austrian Alps) Perizoma verberata: Adult (e.l. Umbrail, Switzerland/Italy) [S] Perizoma verberata: Larva (Rätikon, west Austrian Alps) [M] Perizoma verberata: Larva (Rätikon, west Austrian Alps) [M]

Host plants:
The caterpillar lives polyphagous on herbs. I found them in the Montafon (west Austria) at Potentilla aurea.

Perizoma verberata inhabits mountain slopes and pastures from 1000m up to 2600m above sea level.

Life cycle:
The egg overwinters. The caterpillar is found from late April to early July. The moths fly from July to August. At low altitudes, the adult is occasionally already seen in the end of June and in the high altitudes still in early September.

Perizoma verberata is distributed from the Alps to the Balkans. In the lower mountains it is rare and possibly will dy out there as a result of global warming. It is yet found in the southern Black Forest, the Harz mountain and in the Bavarian Forest.

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