Prodotis stolida (Fabricius, 1775)

Prodotis stolida: Adult (Northern Greece, July 2006 [N] Prodotis stolida: Adult (Northern Greece, May 2010) [N] Prodotis stolida: Adult [N] Prodotis stolida: Habitat in N-Greece south of Mount Olympus: coastal dunes (May 2010) [N]

Host plants:
The caterpillar lives polyphagous on herbs and low shrubs.

Prodotis stolida inhabits predominantly ruderal terrain, grasslands, sand dunes, open scrub and the maquis.

Life cycle:
Prodotis stolida flies in several generations per year. I met adults in mid-July 2006 and May 2010 in Northern Greece.

Prodotis stolida is widespread in the tropics and subtropics of Africa, Asia and Australia. In Europe it penetrates to the southern edge of the Alps. Further north, only rarely vagrants are found.

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