Amphipoea fucosa (Freyer, 1830)

Amphipoea fucosa: Adult (eastern Swabian Alb, 2007) [M]

Host plants:
The larvae feed on grasses (Poaceae) and live in the root collar region, according to literature.

Amphipoea fucosa inhabits grasslands, embankments, forest edges and similar, fallow or extensively managed, grassy places. I found a moth during the search for Satyrium ilicis eggs in a semi-dry grassland-like young afforestation on the Swabian Alb low down the ground concealed in old grasses.

Life cycle:
The egg hibernates and the larvae develop from April to early June. The moths fly especially in July and August.

Amphipoea fucosa occurs from Norway to southern Central Europe, but is missing in the Mediterranean area. In Europe there are found additional species which are mostly to determinates only by genital dissection, such as Amphipoea lucens around bogs.

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