Simyra albovenosa (Goeze, 1781)

Simyra albovenosa: Adult [S] Simyra albovenosa: Larva [S] Simyra albovenosa: Larva (northern Upper Rhine Valley, late August 2008) [M] Simyra albovenosa: Larva, lateral [S] Simyra albovenosa: Larva [M] Simyra albovenosa: Larva [M] Simyra albovenosa: Pupa [S] Simyra albovenosa: Habitat: extensively managed wet meadows in the northern Upper Rhine Valley, August 2008 [N]

Host plants:
Grasses (Cyperaceae and Poaceae), rarely other plants.

Simyra albovenosa inhabits fens, sedge reeds and other humid meadows.

Life cycle:
Simyra albovenosa flies mainly in two generations (April/May and July/August). The caterpillar is found from late May to September, especially in August/September.

Endangerment: endangered

Endangerment factors:
Simyra albovenosa is endangered due to the decline in humid extensive meadows, reeds and marshes (drainage, intensification, overbuilding, afforestation).

This is a local species, which lacks large areas. The overall prevalence ranges from North Africa to Europe and Asia to Japan.

Simyra dentinosa | Simyra nervosa 
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