Scotopteryx moeniata (Scopoli, 1763)

Scotopteryx moeniata: Adult (SW-Bulgaria, Belasica mountains S Petrisch, late July 2015) [N] Scotopteryx moeniata: Habitat in SW-Bulgarian Belasica mountains in late July 2015 [N] Scotopteryx moeniata: Habitat in Belasica mountains (Greek part, view downward to lake Kerkini) in late July 2015 [N]

Host plants:
The larvae feed especially on Fabaceae like brooms, but supposedly also on Calluna.

Scotopteryx moeniata occurs on shrubby heathland, in very open woodlands, mountain pastures, nutrient-poor grasslands and similar sites. I found Scotopteryx moeniata in Belasica mountains (Bulgaria/Greece) between 1700 and 2000m asl in late July 2015.

Life cycle:
The young larva hibernates. Adult insects occur between July and early September. They are easily flushed during daytime.

Scotopteryx moeniata occurs from the Pyrenees across Central and parts of Southern Europe and Turkey to the Southern Urals and the Caucasus.

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