Eupithecia inturbata Hübner, 1817

Eupithecia inturbata: Adult (e.l. eastern Swabian Alb) [S] Eupithecia inturbata: Adult (e.l. eastern Swabian Alb 2008) [S] Eupithecia inturbata: Larva (eastern Swabian Alb 2008) [M] Eupithecia inturbata: Larva (eastern Swabian Alb 2008) [M] Eupithecia inturbata: Habitat on the eastern Swabian Alb, Southern Germany near Heidenheim/Brenz (2008) [N]

Host plants:
Acer campestre (flowers).

Eupithecia inturbata inhabits mainly sunny hedge areas, woods and forest edges with the larval host plant.

Life cycle:
The egg hibernates and the caterpillar is found from mid-April to mid-May. The moths fly after a quite long pupal rest especially from late June to August.

Endangerment factors:
Eupithecia inturbata has declined due to the loss of extensive hedge areas and the general destruction of extensively managed and graded wood structures. But it is still not seriously threatened in its main distribution areas (limestone mountains, etc.).

The range of Eupithecia inturbata extends across large parts of western, Central and Northern Europe. In the south, it occurs only rarely and locally.

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