Eupithecia undata Freyer, 1840

Eupithecia undata: Adult (e.l. Alpes-Maritimes 2011) [S] Eupithecia undata: Adult (e.l. Alpes-Maritimes 2011) [S] Eupithecia undata: Larva (Alpes-Maritimes, late June 2011) [S] Eupithecia undata: Larva (Alpes-Maritimes, late June 2011) [S] Eupithecia undata: Larva (Alpes-Maritimes, late June 2011) [S] Eupithecia undata: Pupa [S] Eupithecia undata: Larval habitat: Silene rupestris (Alpes-Maritimes, July 2011) [N] Eupithecia undata: Larval habitat (Alpes-Maritimes, late June 2011) [N]

Host plants:
The caterpillar lives on small-flowered Silene species and Gypsophila repens. Presumably also other species of cloves are used as e.g. Minuartia species.

Eupithecia undata occurs in rocky to rubble rich mountainous to alpine habitats. I found caterpillars mainly on Silene rupestris on silicate (Maritime Alps) and on Gypsophila repens on lime (Lüner See, western Austria). In both cases, Eupithecia undata was accompanied by Hadena tephroleuca.

Life cycle:
The pupa hibernates. The moths fly from May to July. I found the caterpillar in the Maritime Alps between late June and mid-August and in west Austria in early August.

Eupithecia undata inhabits the European mountains and is found in the Pyrenees, the Alps, rarely in the Massif Central, in the Tatra Mountains, the Balkans and Romania in altitudes from 1000 to 2700m above sea level.

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