Idaea humiliata (Hufnagel, 1767)

Idaea humiliata: Adult (e.l. Gardasee 2007) [S] Idaea humiliata: Adult (eastern Swabian Alb, Southern Germany 2009) [N] Idaea humiliata: Adult lower side (eastern Swabian Alb, Southern Germany 2009) [N] Idaea humiliata: Larva (Gardasee, April 2007) [M]

Host plants:
The caterpillar lives polyphagous in the herb and litter layer.

Idaea humiliata inhabits gappy rasslands, rocky pastures, rocky slopes (about the Swabian Alb), but also flood dams and nutrient-poor, dry to mesophilic Arrhenaterum grass meadows, fallow land and similar places.

Life cycle:
The caterpillar overwinters. The moths fly from June (rarely late May) to mid-August.

Endangerment factors:
Idaea humiliata is widespread but in decline due to the reduction of nutrient-poor, gappy biotopes.

Idaea humiliata occurs from north Africa across Europe (missing in Central and Northern Scandinavia) to Western Asia (Turkey, Caucasus).

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