Scopula ornata (Scopoli, 1763)

Scopula ornata: Adult (Abruzzes, L'Aquila, May 2013) [N] Scopula ornata: Adult (eastern Swabian Alb, Southern Germany) Scopula ornata: Adult [S] Scopula ornata: Adult (eastern Swabian Alb) [N] Scopula ornata: Half-grown larva [S] Scopula ornata: Larva (eastern Swabian Alb, Southern Germany) [S] Scopula ornata: Larva [S] Scopula ornata: Larva [S] Scopula ornata: Pupa [S] Scopula ornata: Habitat in a gappy grassland embankment of the eastern Swabian Alb (June 2008) [N]

Host plants:
Thymus species, presumably also Origanum vulgare.

Scopula ornata inhabits nutrient-poor grasslands, pastures and other biotopes with thyme or wild oregano.

Life cycle:
Scopula ornata flies in two or three generations from late April to September. The caterpillar overwinters half-grown.

Endangerment: regionally endangered or decreasing

Endangerment factors:
This otherwise fairly steady species is in decline due to the decrease in nutrient-poor and thyme-rich areas in the landscape.

The distribution extends from north Africa across Europe to east Asia.

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